Friday, April 22, 2011

"Today's the Day"

Its here...can you believe it?  After all this time, the day has finally arrived...!
My Eric is coming home...for good!

I am more than excited...I am down on my knees with thankful prayers for the gift that the Lord
has given us this day!


It has been such a long, long, long road to reach this destination!  So many lonely nights spent by both...
One in an apartment 253 miles west and one in a house, with a dog, talking endlessly every night on the
phone, wanting to reach through the lines for but a touch, an embrace. One saying goodnight from an air bed, 
falling asleep with but the memory of the closeness of the other, yearning for the warmth, the nearness
of the other, one in a bed, with a dog cuddled up beside, shedding tears as she falls asleep, counting the
minutes until the Friday night plane arrives.

But the challenges, experiences and lessons have provided the bricks and mortar of faith and true
abiding love.  The distance between, providing solitary times of reaching for the words of spirituality,
the comfort of a higher need, the joy of releasing worry and strife to our father who never fails us, who
stands close and provides all that is needed.

The reuniting of a pair that was always and forever mean't to be, no matter what may come..

I am grateful for the test, thankful for the lessons!  The Lord has asked of me that which seemed to
difficult to embark upon or endure...things that have tested my faith, my strength my abilities...
and I listened and did what was asked knowing his nearness.
His faith in me never wavered, he remained steadfast in his love for me, he stood close, gently whispering 
his words of encouragement and sometimes literally carrying me through, lifting one of my legs and placing
it so gently down in front of the other....

This is my testimony...our Lord is my strength, my courage, my life, as he will remain always...

He has shared with me the gift of love not only in him, but in a very special man he gave to me...a man of strength, honesty, integrity..
A man who provides all that is needed for the family that means all to him...a kind, generous and loving soul..a true man of faith,
of compassion, of understanding in all beliefs and human differences.  I am blessed...we are blessed...


Love to all...

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  1. That is so beautifully written. The first part made me tear up. I'm happy for you both!