Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Monday Sharing, only its Tuesday"

There is a very special place I visit in the quiet of each morning.
This place brings me peace even in the most challenging times..
Its a place of comfort, a place of renewal in faith, a place where the words teach and the gentle way in which Ann writes her words
Its a place that lifts me up, inspires me to think and move towards an even deeper relationship with my God, my life, my purpose my world...

This place is called

Created by:

Ann Voskamp

Ann also is the author of a most incredible book that everyone should journey into the reading of. I have highlighted this book before on my blog a few weeks ago, but it truly deserves another showing...

A must read..!!

My hope is that when you have a moment you will pay a visit to this site and see for yourself this beautiful spirit walking and living among us!!


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