Sunday, April 10, 2011

"A Sunday Gift"

Today my husband and I set out to visit our tax lady and get our Income Tax Papers signed and e-filed in another part of town we don't visit frequently...UGH...did I say UGH...are you able to hear how loudly I said UGH!!!
Ok, I'm going to stop myself now from even speaking on that subject and I will move on to

 "The Sunday Gift"

We had just finished up and were headed home when just on the other side of the building, on a street I have never been on before, we noticed this darling little bungalow with a CAFE sign on it...the open sign was lighted and read "Homemade Pies" along with "Breakfast All Day" painted on the outside, which was enough for us to turn around!

Now just to give you a little background info, my husband and I dearly love finding little family owned neighborhood restaurants that cook food, homemade from scratch food, made with love.
This little comfy cozy place more than met all of our favorite things and expectations.

"Sweetie Pie Cafe"
Owned by a Mom and Daughter (Marilyn and Julie)

This darling little home has been converted into a sweet, comfy, little restaurant.  It only seats 15 people and the decor is simple, straight forward home!!!

It is decorated with a menagerie of old fashioned thrift store type finds...embroidered table cloths, old fashioned dishes that don't match, water classes made out of canning jars, fireplace in the little dining room, which at one time would have been the living room...seriously, you walk in and immediately feel as if Marilyn and Julie have invited you to their home for a meal.
Always a huge affection for me!

We were starting up the little walkway, when the door opened, and there was Mom (Marilyn) to greet us.
She was the sweetest lady and what an incredible cook!

Inside were 2 young boys from the neighborhood, seated at a table by the window, having hot chocolate and visiting..
so sweet..
Also inside you will find the art works of Julie's husband..a combination of paintings he has done from their many years of living in Hawaii and also some more recent paintings of the Northwest Area...did I happen to mention that you feel like you have been welcomed into their home, their life...?

Julie is also an artist, on top of cooking...she makes weaved and beaded bracelets depicting patterns of traditional Hawaiian Tattoos...
Yes...I totally had to buy beautiful and I love, love, love anything that someone has crafted with their heart and hands, it is on my wrist as I write...

Love it, love it, love it!!!  Thanks so much Julie...she had so many to choose from, but I just loved this is the traditional shark tooth Hawaiian Tattoo pattern..

Well on to the food...of which we definitely needed...we were both hungry, having not had breakfast yet...
I couldn't believe it..on the menu was an authentic Monte Cristo I am not talking about the new fangled versions you find out there now a I am talking about the old fashioned Monte Cristo' of my absolute favorites, but you just can never find them...

and my husband had a Crab and Spinach Quiche, homemade crust of course, served with homemade biscuits and fresh local honey...

The "Sweetie Pie Cafe" is also known for their homemade soups (another of my particular musts) as well as all different kinds of pies..both made by Mom Marilyn, depending upon what is leftover in the fridge for soup and what is in season for the pies...well on top of the good ole favorites..
For instance today their pie offerings were:

Pumpkin Pie with a Graham Cracker Crust

Chocolate Cream Pie

Pina Colata Pie

And lastly a Lemon Pie with a Almond Poppyseed Crust

My favorite pie is actually good old fashioned cherry and they had just sold their last piece..:-(

Hey..yet another reason to visit our new found friends very soon.

"The Sweetie Pie Cafe" is located in Spokane Washington on the North side just off of Northwest Blvd in the 1700 block of for those that live in the area you should most definately go make friends with these wonderful ladies and enjoy "The Gift" of a plate or bowl full of love while you are at it!!!

Many blessings to all and wishing you your own "Sunday Gifts"

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