Sunday, August 21, 2011

"What a Disaster in the Midst of Ideas Galore"

I awoke this morning with the realization that I have 2, count them 2 whole days off...time to devote to a little nest tidying..with a little creative fun thrown in for good measure..
But first I have to deal with this..and feel free to go ahead and judge me...I admit it, when ideas are swirling about in my head I tend to throw things about and create not only my art but a re-decorating of sorts in my special little place in the world...having said that, this is what I am faced with...

This used to be a closet and an organized one of sorts...eeeekkkk!

Since when is the floor an additional space to make a mess..well basically since there are no other spaces left to mess...

I don't even know what to say.. do I even find anything? But amazingly I do..

Now this little part isn't quite so bad, I think I will start there...

But this...????

Another floor storage area...

So off I go...
But there is also a story here..
Not only will I be setting off to de-clutter this space in an attempt to have a more functional, organized working and creating space...but I have to be able to fit a queen size blow up bed in this space as well..
You see..
Of late my Mr and I have adopted the habit of snoring to the umpf degree..
He in the beginning of sleep, me at the 3-4 am time..
Needless to say we have not been having very restful rest times of late and we are getting to darn old to take to the sofa on any kind of a continued basis...
Since our children are no longer children and the married one obviously living elsewhere and the recently returned son inhabiting the whole downstairs space my Mr. and I took over their former claimed rooms and converted them into our little places in the world, not allowing for extra sleeping arrangements...
Who knew that as we aged we would cause sleepless nights for each other...
So off I go with my 2 goals in mind..
Less mess and a place to snore in peace..

Happy Sunday to all..



  1. Oh no not so messy... creativity and dreaming going on here...but the snoring - well that I get too. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. They gave me a much needed lift to keep writing!

  2. Wow! Can I ever relate to this! Cluttered sewing/art room. Need for separate bedrooms, etc. Good luck with it all and Happy Feng Shui!