Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"In Prayer I Ask For Strength"

Tomorrow is a big day for me..
 3 years of work, 3 years of trying to prove something to people in places that hold a part of  your life in their hands in a way.
3 years of perseverance, 3 years of never giving up!
Ah yes, but an incredible 3 years of finding strength I never knew I had..
3 years of incredible struggle with incredible lessons learned..
3 years of prayer and faith and trust in a God that I had walked away from, only to find out that he never walked away from me..he was right there all along waiting for me to just ask!
I look back now over the last 3 years and I am amazed at all the gifts received...
Amazed at what I have come to know about who I REALLY am inside this sometimes uncooperative mind of mine...
And I love her...I love me...after all these years, I can finally say that with no hesitation...
Its so freeing to not be at war with who you are in this world...
Ya know what I mean?
Thank you Father for loving me, for seeing beyond the muck, for lifting me up when I couldn't lift myself, for guiding me with the soft touch of your hand, for bringing me
to this place I now know as your loving GRACE!
I am thankful, grateful, hopeful and astonished!

In God's Heart I am loved, always was..
But now in my own heart I am loved by Me and that is huge..



  1. Grace/Grateful! There are those words again. They are coming up for me everyday this week! Glad you love yourself!

  2. Hello, Val! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet words! I am so glad to meet you! You found me through Brave Girls? Have you attended BG Camp or taken any classes? I think Melody and Kathy and their team are awesome! And I was more than a tiny bit thrilled to have my art featured on "a little bird" :)

    What an awesome God who loves us! I hope the "big day" you referred to was peaceful and blessed. Three years can feel like a long time, can't it? But God never wastes a moment, always teaching patiently, loving us through it. It sounds like you have drawn closer to Him through the process. Glad you didn't give up!