Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"What Are Your Mantra's Your Mission Statements For Life?"

As my son and I were together driving in the car last night I simply, out of the blue, don't know why, asked him if he has any Mantra's he lives his life by..
He kind of looked at me as if I was some kind of a looney tune, in just that way that a 19 year old lad can..which admittedly I can be (said with affection for myself)
Mantra? he said...what is that?
So I talked about Mission Statements/Mantra's and such..well he uttered "I hadn't really ever thought about that, do you?"

Of course I do I took me 54 years to figure out what they are, but everything truly amazing comes in its own time...someday you will just know what they will be struck by something or someone and you will feel a passionate response to it...that is the moment when you know that there are certain things you just feel deep down about your life and the world around you...
I have always of course felt very deeply about truth and honesty and do unto others and leave people and places better than you found them and have worked hard to teach my kids the same...
Of course though, there is that little prevalent factor that I am human and because of that fail tremendously at times.
To fail is to be human..and in the midst of what we see to be mistakes and failures in our lives, those moments become those great big memorable moments where our Lord then quietly teaches us about Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace!!!
Oh for heaven's sake I have diverted..
Anyway as I was saying he asked me if I had a "Mission Statement" or "Mantras" I live by...and...
Here are the ones I truly try to live by with a funny one I saw the other day thrown in..

Or in other words: "One Foot In Front of the Other, One Step At A time"

Huge words for me!! 

I absolutely love and strive to live by this...and it pretty much sums up what I told my son..."Don't ever be afraid to try the things you are most afraid of, for those things will most definitely shape and define who you are" 

Pretty much says it all for me..

And lastly...I spotted this little precious thing the other day and it made me smile and then it made me think...and I think I love it..

On our drive the other evening, when this "Mantra-Mission Statement" conversation began, I was actually driving my son 2 hours north from our home so that he could join up with his Dad and Brother in-law who were camping.
He wasn't able to go on the original day as he had to work, but then was joining them the next day..
They are at a beautiful little lake up in the mountains very close to the Washington/Canadian border called Lake Leo...

It is the absolute perfect place...
little lake, good fishing, swimming if you so desire, no big boats with motors, only small water craft and only little trolling very quiet...just 8 campsites spread a good distance apart, restroom facilities, running water and most importantly no cell service...I mean come on...cell phones and camping??? How is that getting away and enjoying nature..
Oh and a cribbage board and cards...

In such a place...I wonder, in sitting by the fire in the early morning time with coffee in hand, have any "Mantras" come to mind for him??  Maybe...

Take Care and love your life cuz it is good even when its bad!!

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  1. I love the last statement! Too funny! Hope the boys have a good time and great conversations about mantras!